Clitoral Unhooding

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Dr. Daniel A. Medalie

Expert Labiaplasty Surgeon

(Clitoral Hood reduction in Cleveland, Ohio by Dr. Daniel A. Medalie)

What is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Clitoral unhooding helps to reduce excess tissue on the sides and on top of the clitoris  in order to prevent  asymmetry after standard wedge labiaplasty. The lateral clitoral hood is an extension of the labia minora on each side and can sometimes be excessive. 

​     Some women that have decreased sensitivity due to extra skin surrounding their clitoris may also benefit from central unhooding. In this case the focus is on the tissue directly covering the clitoris (central clitoral hood).

      In the top pictures to the right, the patient's clitoris is visible and she does not have excess central clitoral hood tissue. Thus, she does not need central unhooding. She has excess labia minora and would benefit from a labiaplasty (labia minora reduction), and it is possible that she could benefit from a slight reduction of her lateral clitoral hood after the central labial hypertrophy is reduced by a wedge resection.

    In the bottom picture to the right, the patient has a large excess of labia minora tissue as well as excess lateral and central clitoral hood. The picture on the left shows her pre-operatively. The picture on the right shows her immediately after surgery while still in the operating room. Stitches can be seen in the central labia (where she had a wedge reduction). Stitches can also be see extending up the lateral clitoral hood on each side as well as in the central clitoral hood region